Out Patient Department

This is the department where care is given to clients who do not need admission and those who need admission are oriented here too. It is the main entry point of patients and clients to the hospital. They are consulted by doctors or specialists and their treatment given to them to take home for those who do not need hospitalization. This department is sub divided into the following


Here, clients and patients are received, given directions by the receptionists who are trained Registered Nurses. These nurses also monitor vital parameters of all clients and patients entering the hospital. The vital parameters monitored here are blood pressure, temperature, weight, pulse rate, respiratory rate, and height, calculation of body mass index, measurement and monitoring of glycaemia and also accessment of children for malnutrition.

At the reception too, clerking of patients and triage is done.  Immediate first aid is also offered to patients who are in distress prior to seeing the consultants.


The St. Martin De Porres Catholic General Hospital Njinikom presently has 6 doctors’ consultation offices. Currently, the hospital has 3 skilled general practitioners, a general surgeon, an orthopaedic / traumatology surgeon and a gynaecologist. It is our hope that, in the near future we will have and ENT specialist, a paediatrician, ophthalmologist and an internist. This is because the hospital presently serves a population of about 50,000 people and some people usually feel uncomfortable and unable when referred to see specialist out of Njinikom.


This is the office in charge of calculating bills of both inpatients and out patients and clients. After consultation by the doctors, clients and patients are sent to the billing office where the bills of prescribed medications, labs and other services are calculated prior to payment. Also, when inpatients are discharged, their hospitalisation files are sent to the billing office for bill calculation.


Here, calculated bills are paid by patients, clients or care givers. Money is received here either in cash or via electronic means. People who also come from outside the hospital to pay for other hospital services do the payments at the cashier’s office. Every payment is followed by a computerised receipt.


This is the consultation office that works 24/7. The main activity here is to receive and attend to emergency cases. Here, doctors and nurses on call are always available to receive and attend to patients. This unit is also responsible for coordinating major emergency responds for surgery, laboratory services, mass casualties and out breaks.


This is the unit where patients and clients get their prescribed medications and also receive instructions on how to take the medications. This unit is headed by a pharmacist who coordinates the activities of the pharmacy technicians. Other departments involved in clinical activities get their medications and consumables from the dispensary. It also has an injection room where injectable medications for outpatients are served.

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